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Founded in 2022, Newhedge has quickly grown to be one of the leading providers of onchain and market insights into Bitcoin

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Newhedge is a cutting-edge financial terminal and social platform for Bitcoin intelligence, offering tools like real-time market analysis and on-chain analytics. It connects users to a network of information, people, and tools for deep insights into Bitcoin and macroeconomic trends.

Newhedge provides live data on trading volumes, order books, derivatives, and metrics from over 15 leading exchanges, making it a vital resource for investors seeking to stay informed and make decisions in the evolving Bitcoin market.

Meet the team

Co-founder and CEO

Alon Shvartsman

Co-founder and CTO

Omri Shabtay

Lead Engineer

Mert Gunduz

Bitcoin Quant Developer

Daniel Levit

Senior Rails Developer

Omer Geva

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