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With Newhedge, the worlds of traditional finance and Bitcoin, the future of finance, are connected across a large array of collaborative tools, cutting-edge metrics and analysis, unique-wallet tracking, and a hub that elevates Bitcoin-adjacent technologies such as Lightning, Nostr, and BRC20/Ordinals. Discover data-driven opportunities, decipher market movements, and uncover network insights.
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Exchange Pair 24h Volume
Binance BTC/FDUSD $6.94B
Binance BTC/USDT $5.67B
Binance ETH/USDT $3.50B
Binance SOL/USDT $2.53B
Okx BTC/USDT $2.28B
Coinbase BTC/USD $2.11B
Bybit BTC/USDT $2.04B
Binance ETH/FDUSD $1.76B
Okx ETH/USDT $1.49B
Bybit ETH/USDT $1.37B
Binance FDUSD/USDT $1.30B
Gate ETH/USDT $1.12B
Gate BTC/USDT $1.10B
Binance USDC/USDT $1.01B
Binance DOGE/USDT $976.56M
Binance BNB/USDT $945.48M
Bybit BTC/USDC $932.29M
Okx SOL/USDT $859.94M
Coinbase ETH/USD $848.03M
Bybit SOL/USDT $805.07M

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Build quantitative strategies leveraging trading and derivatives data from industry-leading exchanges.

Exchange 24h Volume 24h Change
Binance $44.69B +15.69%
Bybit $10.89B +20.30%
Okx $10.24B +18.13%
Coinbase $7.12B +16.52%
Gateio $6.95B +21.20%
Upbit $4.64B +3.34%
Huobi $3.67B +12.00% $2.35B +22.88%
Kucoin $2.30B +13.73%
Kraken $1.91B -0.39%
Mexc $1.81B +1.77%
Bitfinex $1.45B +25.36%
Poloniex $1.24B +32.13%
Bitstamp $584.40M +24.89%
Bitflyer $266.05M +16.84%

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Historical and live data on order books, trading volume, open interest, and funding rates for over 15+ leading exchanges.

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Our AI-driven assistant is designed to decode complex transactions and metrics to help illuminate key trends.


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Leverage Newhedge's predictive analytics and live metrics to chart correlations.

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