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Powerful Newhedge Metrics

Access powerful metrics and indicators

Your personal comprehensive library of advanced price models, on-chain analysis, and adoption metrics

  1. Robust live and historical data
  2. Forecast future trends with unique predictive metrics

Get notified on every important market move

Create fully customizable and dynamic alerts for various metrics to and receive immediate signals of large movements in the market

  1. Multiple custom alerts per metric
  2. Receive alerts via email, telegram, and desktop notifications
Powerful Newhedge Metrics
Powerful Newhedge Metrics

Utilize our simple and powerful industry-grade endpoints

Access every data point imaginable. Use our API as a gateway into every metric and model available

  1. Live and historical on-chain and crypto market data

Connect and collaborate with your network

The community is vibrant and opinionated. Join the conversation and access a network of like-minded enthusiasts and investors

  1. Create organizations and share your research
  2. Private end-to-end private communication
Powerful Newhedge Metrics
Powerful Newhedge Metrics

Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth analysis

From regulatory changes to technological advancements keep yourself updated with analysis and developments

  1. Insights from industry-leading experts
  2. Private end-to-end private communication

Your source of breaking news

Real-time complete coverage of the bitcoin and digital asset space from trusted sources

  1. Gather sentiment on breaking news stories
  2. Create a fully-customizable feed
Powerful Newhedge Metrics

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